You, heavy english motorcycle, beautiful mountains and wide dirt road …

Only perseverance, fortitude and will to survive can help you reach the finish line in perfect health. Moving on, having the slightest chance of winning, or stop and go the distance — it's up to you.

475 km of tough mountain road. Impassable mud and rocks on the roads, mountain debris and dust from the trucks, altitude sickness and terrible fatigue, numb from hours of work of clutch and brake arm and pain in the ass … Your whole body — one big pain. Overnight in mountain hotel — a huge tent with a mattress made of wool of mountain sheep and facilities in the field.

In one’s head swarming thought, «Why am I doing this? There's nothing there! What's the point? I'm so tired … I have no more strength to fight … Why didn`t I got drunk at an Irish pub in the downtown?… «But wake up again, the bike again, struggle again: with transport, the circumstances and the environment.

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Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycle

The history of the famous worldwide brand Royal Enfield motorcycles started with the company's Enfield Cycle Company in the town of Redditch near Birmingham. The company has established it`s first motorized machine in 1899. The motto of the brand — «Made like a gun».

So far, the design and specifications have not changed much. The motorcycle was simple and functional, like boot balls strike. This is a motorcycle with a capital letter, capable of carrying all at least little bit savvy Homo Sapiens on the rugged and remote roads.

Test Drive

Before the race, our specialists will hold for you a master class on a motorcycle Royal Enfield. Talk about the art and techniques of movement on the mountain roads, as well as conduct an educational program on motorcycles. In three days you can become quite skilled motorcycle racer, able to drive a 50cc scooter on the famous track of the Isle of Man racing.

In your best interest to listen carefully and remember all of the recommendations of our instructors, because as someone who falls off a cliff, unfortunately, is no longer able to participate in our other races.


ManaLeh Run — is unsupported mountain bike race.

Here you can only rely on your own forces and partner. Meals, accommodation, security — your concern. You are absolutely free to choose the route, speed and movement chart. We give you the GPS coordinates of start and finish locations, decrepit motorcycle and a couple of liters of fuel, so that you can warm up the engine.

  1. Dates of racing: 15-18. 2016
  2. Place of the race: India
  3. Vehicle type: Motorcycle The Royal Enfield Bullet 500
  4. The route of the race:
    Manali-Ladakh / Leh
    Route length: 475 km. The highest point of the pass 5360 m
    Starting point: Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India
    Point finish: Leh, Jammu and Kashmir, India
    CP-1: Keylong (3350 m)
    CP-2: Sarchu (4253 m)
    Address start camp «Ganso»: Hadimba Temple Rd, Manali, Himachal Pradesh
  5. The duration of the race, the KV: 96 hours
  6. Obligatory / Optional CPs: obligatory CPs
  7. The reasons why the team may be disqualified:
    — Lack of insurance;
    — Violation of the rules of the race.
  8. Team members: maximum: 2 people
    — Restrictions by sex: no
    — Age Limits: 18+

Pay fee

In 2016, the entry fee is $ XXX.

For the money you get:

  1. Motorcycle Royal Enfield Bullet 500
  2. education
  3. Organized in terms of start and finish
  4. Vehicle maintenance
  5. GSP tracker
  6. Cool adventure
  7. The final party

In addition, we and our partners are ready to offer you:

  • Flight
  • insurance
  • accommodation
  • food
  • visa
  • The necessary clothing and equipment
  • Fuel

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