about ganso

We are the employees of the Institute of adventure «Ganso». Our team — composed of adventurers who cannot live without traveling. In «Ganso» we invent, create and organize the adventures, which will open to you the true value of life and show the beauty of the world.

The travelers of the past were courageous people. They floated on ships for months, overcame great distances in carts, struggled with the elements, pulled thorns out of their pants, eat a dried fig, to see their own eyes where the hell is this world ends.

Now the Internet allows to see the most beautiful places on the planet and explore the capital's sights without leaving the house. Thanks to modern transport, you can visit the Vienna opera and come back home to Krasnoyarsk to drink a glass of warm milk and go to sleep in your own bed. You have everything planned and painted, life is subject to the figures, graphs and tables.


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